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Seminararbeiten 2018/19

Individual Topics are treated by teams of 3 to 5 students. In the joint seminar between WU and TU, teams are interdisciplinary.

TU und WU Wien, SS18

  • Printstones
  • Naboto
  • LaserEye

WU Wien WS 18/19

  • Value Added Service for Heat Treatment Systems: Design, Analysis and Evaluation of augmented reality shell for preventive maintenance
  • Direct Energy Deposition and Quality Control in Laser 3D printing
  • Upcycling – a strategy for sustainability?
  • Market entry strategy for small vertical take-off and landing aircrafts

N00092 ETC Projekt SK - AT hi-tech center in der grenzüberschreitenden Region

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Impressum/Offenlegung gemäß § 25 Mediengesetz: Inhaber der Website ist das Institut für Angewandte Physik der TU Wien, 1040 Wien. Es gilt der Haftungsausschluss der TU Wien.

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